In the 4PL Space, our services can be broadly bunched into three areas:


In this stage, we do a complete in-depth analysis of the client's current supply chain model.  We comprehend the strengths and weaknesses of the as-is model, keeping in mind the challenges and requirements specific to client's business and industry.   Further, at this stage, we also engage with the key stakeholders and industry experts to ensure thorough knowledge transfer.

Model Development

Post the analysis stage, we work on developing various possible supply chain models to handle the client's business requirements.  At this level, we take two directions, viz., complete and radical overhaul of the current model, and incremental changes over the current model.  This approach enables us to clearly understand, in quantitative terms, the strengths and improvement opportunities among the various models developed.

Optimal Network Mapping

Each of the models developed in the previous stage, are thoroughly tested against agreed parameters and indices.  After careful evaluation of the pros and cons of each of the models on the qualitative and quantitative aspects, we zero in on the most optimal model.  The finalized model specifications would include all parameters like inventory levels, re-order/replenishment levels, ideal shipment modes, material handling mechanisms and the supporting IT infrastructure.  Following this, we move on to the implementation (3PL) phase of the finalized model.