P AVINASHILINGAM (Avinash), Director


Avinash is also a non-executive Director on the board of the company.  A first-generation entrepreneur, Avinash was the brain behind M/s Vetrivel Transport (VVT), whose operations have been taken over by H&S.   As a graduate in Mechanical Engineering, Avinash started out his career in the area of manufacturing of components and automobile spares.  His vision and drive took him into the service industry, leading to the creation of VVT about 5 years ago.  His thorough knowledge of the freight and transport services industry is undisputable.


On the board of H&S, Avinash serves as the mentor in the areas of freight and transportation management.  His zeal and never-say-die attitude serves as the driving engine behind H&S growth.  With exposure to various industries like manufacturing, OEM supplies, Laundry and Natural Products, he also brings in out-of-box solutions to various strategic issues that the company faces.