The decision to outsource Supply Chain Management is indeed a critical one, with ramifications throughout the network.  Hence, it is very critical to choose the right partner to associate with.  At H&S, we have the strengths and infrastructure to support the needs of clients across various industry verticals.

We derive our core competencies based on the following strengths:

Technical Expertise

Through the capability and know-how that H&S possesses in the field of supply chain management, we will be able to dissect through all the requirements of clients, and enabling the most optimal solution for the client. This could result in several key benefits like minimizing order fulfillment time and improving the fill-rate at the retail level. Our expertise in Supply Chain Management comes from the team’s 100+ years of accumulated experience in this practice.

Cost & Time Savings

As specialists in the area of logistics and supply chain management, H&S will be able to optimize your resources and network to minimize the cost of operation. This, in combination with the advantage gained out of addressing market needs quicker, will certainly help in improving the profitability levels of the clients’ operations. All other factors remaining the same, the average cost savings work out to about 5-10% on total Supply Chain Costs.

Capital Light Model

As 4.5PL solutions providers, H&S offers its complete infrastructure of warehouses, vehicles and technology (IT support) to clients. This enables our clients to run their outbound logistics on very low or nil capital investment, thereby significantly helping increase overall profitability.

Focus on Core Competence

This is perhaps the most significant advantage of engaging H&S. The outsourcing of the entire outbound supply chain process will enable the client to dedicate more time and energy to focus on their core areas of business, viz., Brand/Product development, Manufacturing, Sales Management etc.


Our uniquely designed model provides for enormous amount of flexibility of operations from a client's perspective.  With our infrastructure available for ramp-up or right-sizing of operations, setting up a supply chain would be the least of the worries from the client's perspective.

Ease of Implementation

As 4.5PL solutions providers, H&S is engaged in both the design and the execution part of the supply chain network. This enables us to visualize the practical roll-out challenges at the design stage itself, thereby saving significant executional hassles. Further, at the execution stage, we ensure that the core objectives remain undiluted, thereby enabling a smooth transition.


HSConnect & Business Intelligence (BI) Dashboards

Our Custom-Built Software HSConnect serves as the backbone of our operations.   With in-built logics to optimize various warehouse functions like Storing, Picking and Loading, it is a very advanced Warehouse Management System.  In addition, what makes HSConnect unique is its set of proprietary algorithmic logics to enable efficient and effective route-kitting and freight optimization.  

With data storage on cloud, HSConnect enables seamless access to critical information to clients on a customized dashboard. What's more,  HSConnect is also built to seamlessly interface with the client's ERP software.  The entire process is automated to ensure high levels of accuracy and efficiency.

In addition, our clients get real-time visibility of operations of their products through our live Business Intelligence (BI) layer built on the Microsoft PowerBI base. This enables you to stay on top of your business on the go!


Warehouse Infrastructure

We have warehouses spanning across more than 500,000 square feet of space.   By definition, as a 4.5PL service provider, all our warehouses are customized to suit the business and industry needs of our clients.  All our warehouses are 100% live, with wi-fi access throughout. With integrated CCTV and high-end security systems in place, our warehouses ensure high levels of safety for stocks stored.  In addition, 100% gridding of the warehouses ensures superior tracking and visibility of the material upto the square foot level.  This, coupled with HSConnect, ensures 100% FIFO at the Box Level, thereby ensuring significant savings for the client on account of stock damage.


Our freight and transportation infrastructure draws its strength from a fleet of more than 1000 vehicles on own and attached basis.   Our experience in having handled merchandise worth more than $1 Billion in the past year, demonstrates our capability in handling cargo of varied sizes and nature.  The promoters' background in the transport business serves as an added strength in this area.