Working Hours:

 The Office timings at H&S Supply Chain Services P Ltd are as follows: 

Monday to Saturday

09.00 am. to 05:30 pm 

Sundays are OFF Days but in case of a strike/s on a working day, employees will be required to come to office, the timings will remain the same.

Dress Code:

For Men:


Collared T-Shirts


Shoes mandatory for all dresses.

For Women:

Presentable Attire

Attendance Policies:

The time for reporting to office is 09:00 AM sharp. A grace time of 15 minutes will be allowed every day. An employee reporting to duty after 09:15 AM will be marked as late. Only two late comings will be allowed in a month.


Employees must not leave the premises of the company during working hours without prior approval from his/her supervisor. In case an employee leaves office without informing his/her supervisor (except for lunch timings ) his/her half day salary will be deducted.

Late arrival is defined as arriving after the prescribed starting time, similarly, early departure is defined as leaving before the prescribed end time. Repeated tardiness and leaving early will not be tolerated.