About Us:

We are a young organization, having been in operations for more than 3 years.  We are one of the fastest growing companies in this space in the country.  We are very well funded to take care of any investment needs as may arise with client operations.

We specialize in helping our clients in building their supply chain (consulting) as well as in operating the same (execution - we actually operate the warehouses and transportation).  We help our clients in tremendously improving visibility of their supply chain, as well save costs on logistics and warehousing.

We are committed to Continuous Process Improvements, Technical Visibility and to maintain highest level of Quality Service.

Business Model:

We operate on an unique principle called 3.5 PL. A hybrid of 3PL service and 4PL consulting. We are the only company in India to work in this model.

For consulting we work closely with the client get their sales data to analyse patterns and propose solutions to optimise their supply chain at minimal cost.

Post-approval from the client we on-board them and execute the proposed solution.


Our Core Values:

Our core values aka principles are as follows:

Honor Commitments


Cost Consciousness

Focus on results

Passion for Winning


Our Customers: