Product Specification Match

When a brand ships to different retailers, you may see an issue that is so common across the industry. Product Specification Mismatch. What does this mean to a brand? How much will it affect their business?

Retailers have different brand specifications to be met. This standardization varies for every retailer. If this is not met the brand would not pass through the QC check. This would mean loss of logistics cost and the brand wouldn’t be on the shelf when the customer wants to pickup the product.  To ensure that these specifications are met, at warehouse level multiple checks must be done. And there are multiple parameters such as MRP Mismatch, EAN Code, Shelf Life, PO Code etc., to be QCed.

Unfortunately, some brands may only understand what product compliance means at a technical level, such as meeting specifications and regulatory laws. But businesses have not placed the same level of due diligence when it comes to staffing, the functions that need to be engaged and how they communicate as a team towards the aggregate product compliance goal. This translates into a non-robust product compliance structure with process and compliance gaps that could be detrimental to the business.

We at H&S have built on an in-depth understanding of the relevant industry sector and have a strong practical and commercial focus. We have system driven solutions for complex issues and add value wherever possible to their business not only ensure brand compliance with regulatory requirements set by retailers but also achieve maximum benefit and market advantage from their responsibilities and obligations and support them when problems arise.