A Proof of Delivery or POD is a receipt showing the date, time, and place of delivery to the consignor, and the signature of the person receiving the shipment. Why is a POD important? Without a POD, the consignee can dispute the delivery and refuse payment. Without a POD there is little or no recourse.

POD disputes raised in a timely manner are not the problem. POD disputes that arise later create the big problem. Let us assume that a dispute is raised 3 months after a deliver was supposedly made and the POD cannot be found. The next step is to contact the carrier and request the POD. By now the POD may be in a box stored in a garage or other storage facility. Retrieving the document takes time. If the POD can't be located, then the carrier may check with the driver. The driver may no longer be with the company, or may be an independent carrier. Even if the POD is located, the cost is considerable in time and labor. If it's not found or perhaps not properly signed, the shipment may be a write-off. This can be a costly problem.

POD related issues again and again. The problem costs companies substantial sums. Eliminating this problem, or even significantly reducing it can have a big impact on the bottom line.

We at H&S are committed to deliver 100% digital POD for all products within 72 hours from the time of delivery. And these PODs are stored in our Database for you to retrieve at any point of time.